hello my name is megan...

Look at you reading about me!  I'm flattered!  Welcome to my tiny little corner of the internets! Like most women, I wear a ton of hats.  I'm a cybersecurity engineer by day and a fledgling writer and YouTuber by night.  I really just love to create.  I'm also a wife and mama, introvert, Christian, doer of things, drinker of wine, reader of books, yada yada yada.  I love to be minimal(ish) and I geek out over spreadsheets. Over on the Tube, I talk about lifestyle and girl stuff (when I have time) and hope to create more content in the scope of motherhood, minimalism, health, home, family life, etc.  Here on my blog I talk about our life, motherhood, family, my home, financial health, physical & emotional health, and whatever else I feel like talking about.  I don't take myself too seriously over here.  I'm a midwestern gal trying to do the damn thing out here in Northern Virginia.  What else.  I hate traffic.  I love Audible. Skincare is my most expensive and favorite hobby.  I love my huzz(band) and I love my kids so stinkin' much it is like almost obnoxious.  

When I started my blog, I aimed to talk mainly about minimalism and intentional living. I later realized, however, that I was really more about the meat and potatoes BEHIND minimalism (and if we’re being honest, my priorities changed COMPLETELY once I became a mother)... the good stuff that drives us to de-own and de-clutter so we can make room for all these precious moments that life has for us. So "The Journey of Less" has transitioned to represent something everyone needs less of in their lives: Less drama, Less chaos, Less debt, Less distraction, Less bullshit. The emphasis of my content is now MORE. MORE love, MORE living, MORE substance, MORE family, MORE of the stuff that makes life worth living... MORE of the good stuff.

​Drop me a line.  Tell me your favorite wine.  Or your dog's name.  Whatever.  


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