• Megan Maley

10 things your kid doesn't need:

1. Giant plastic things.

2. Anything that stresses you (parent) out.

3. Duplicates.

4. Tiny plastic things.

5. Anything that you don't physically have room for in your space.

6. Anything that you don't emotionally have room for in your space.

7. Objects which pose an actual danger to your kid (as in, they cannot play with unsupervised for fear of swallowing or impaling themselves with said object).

8. Things they don't play with/wear/enjoy.

9. Things you are keeping out of guilt (i.e. grandma gifted child this item).

10. Items which do not inspire creativity (objects which whirl, blink, buzz, sing, etc. which precludes your child from using his/her imagination and/or making these noises independently; and/or objects which are so flashy in nature that your kid comes to expect shiny/flashy objects and moves quickly from one object to the next without stopping to explore items and/or engage in imaginative play).

*Disclaimer: If you or your kid loves any item on the list above, please disregard! If you or your child do not love any item, whether or not it's on this list, you should consider giving it a new life somewhere else. Your possessions should bring you joy and make you happy to own them and care for them. Your possessions should NOT cause you anxiety or stress or frustration.

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