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AND....... We're back.

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Alright so I never meant to take 2 months away from my new baby blog... but I happened to stumble into motherhood and it is quite a bit more work than I suppose I anticipated. I mean, don't get me wrong, I KNEW it was going to be a lot of work. I guess I thought I'd have some kind of superpower where I could thrive on very little sleep and actually work on writing and laundry and all kinds of productive adult things once my baby went to bed and maybe even before he woke up in the morning.


With very little exception, if baby is sleeping, I either have to be holding him, rocking him, or sleeping next to him. We are only now (coming up on 8 weeks) at the point where I can lay him down and expect a successful independent nap about 50% of the time.

One amazing investment (which has freed me tremendously) has been a pumping bra... which allows me to pump both sides simultaneously without the use of my hands. Why did no one tell me about this genius invention? I'm going to tell every single mother-to-be I meet for the rest of my life.

I digress. Let's talk quickly about the intersection of minimalism and motherhood. Or rather, how I am balancing my emotions about stuff with the many objects that newborns require. Before I became a mother, I watched a ton of "Minimalist Baby Essentials" YouTube videos and clicked on every Pinterest post that lured me with titles like "Here's what you ACTUALLY need for baby" or "Minimalists Guide to Newborn Needs". What I quickly found was that everyone had a different opinion about newborn needs... because SHOCKER... all babies and moms are different and all have different needs. Much to the dismay of my friends and family who were all anxious to purchase "stuff" for the new baby, I was very adamant that our son came into the world with only a few outfits (all of which were hand-me-downs), a car seat/stroller, and a crib. I felt strongly that everything could be purchased once he was already in the world (and we knew a few things about him like his clothing size and preference for swings or boppies). Some people didn't listen and bought baby toiletries, bibs, outfits, stuffed animals, etc. And so now we have a small assortment of objects for baby... but for the most part, we managed to keep the baby stuff to an absolute minimum. And his needs have been very simple so far. I'm not going to go into any detail about what I have purchased for baby so far (perhaps in a future YouTube video), but suffice it to say: babies don't actually need all that much stuff. Because our son was big at birth, he bypassed all "newborn" sized clothing and has already outgrown his 0-3 month clothing. He is wearing 3-6 month outfits like a boss but will most likely be wearing his 6-9 month clothing by three months. I'm quite happy, as a result, that I did not purchase (or allow others to purchase) an abundance of clothing that would be worn once or not at all. Further, what he does have to wear, is almost all gently loved and gets an abundance of wear. I can't say I haven't made a few unsuccessful purchases (i.e. things I thought we'd/he'd use and which are now evident will get no use at all), but fortunately it is very few objects. For the most part, the little dude needs chow (which my body produces) and snuggles (which my body also produces) as his primary needs. Clothing and diapers are obviously necessary purchases but all else falls into the category of "makes life a bit easier but definitely not absolutely necessary."

More so now than ever, my husband and I are enjoying our clean, minimally decorated space. Though we'll soon be adding outlet covers and baby gates to our small, cozy home, I am actually inspired to get rid of EVEN MORE STUFF as we navigate this new life as a family. I love having wide open space where my son can roll around and have plenty of tummy time and wiggles. I love that his dresser and shelves are simple and uncluttered and it adds so much calm to his already relaxing nursery where he can soak up sweet dreams. And once he is crawling/scooting/walking, I love that there's not too much he can get into to get hurt. It's ironic and confusing to me how having a baby can lead to the amassing of so much clutter... because all I feel is the desire to de-own, declutter and de-complicate. Now, more than ever, my priorities have shifted away from "stuff" and have settled fully on the absence of stuff... so we have room to create experiences and memories and stay fully in the present moment mentally and emotionally. I don't want to miss a single moment

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