• Megan Maley

Here we are again...

A quick few words on resolutions...

The good news?  Here we are again.  2019. A new year. A clean slate!

The bad news?  Here we are again. Filled with discontent over what we have put into our bodies over the last couple months and how our waistlines are handling everything...  Another year, another opportunity to set goals for ourselves in the form of "resolutions" that are meant to kick start us into something wonderful that we, for whatever reason, aren't yet.

Normally, this time of year, I'm all about getting into shape.  And by "normally," I mean, every resolution since I have been old enough to remember being aware of my own body and the bodies' of those around me. I have succeeded into getting in shape... although never for long enough to circumvent a new commitment to "getting into shape" the following year. And not always by measures that were healthy for my body. In truth... I have gotten "into shape."  I have gotten into many shapes, as a matter of fact, big, small, round, square...whether they were good for me or not.  Haven't we all?

I have punished my body in every imaginable way in an effort to fit into an idealistic mold that looks like a cross between a lingerie model and a CrossFit games athlete.  At 33 years old, I'm tired of punishing my body, who has done nothing but support me and carry me all these years (and also made a human, in case I haven't mentioned).

So... this year I'm doing something different. I am resolving to try and appreciate my body rather than shame it... to put healthy things into my body instead of placing restrictions... and to do healthy, loving things for my body instead of punish it.  In practical application, I resolve simply to focus on sourcing whole, plant-ingredients, plenty of water, circumventing sugar where I can, getting my body active in some way shape or form more days than not, and to be kind to this body of mine.

I'm not sure if this will be the year that makes a difference in my appearance or my perception of my appearance... but I'll be damned if this isn't the year that I'm good enough... strong enough... and thankful for what my body has done for me. Perhaps this will be the resolution that sticks.

Happy 2019. Be well, friends.


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