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Life Updates | 2019 FEB

Here's what's going on in our world at the moment:

The Duder:

DuderMonkey in his CAPS jersey (hamme-down from his cousin Mattie!)

Calvin is going to be 10 months old. Holy smokes. He is standing on his own, "cruising" and will probably be walking on his own in a matter of weeks. I am both enthralled and scared. He loves to climb stairs and slide himself off of things like couches and beds, and seems to be more or less fearless. He gets into everything under the sun (and the counter).

His favorite food is (still) potatoes with butter and salt (just like his dad). Although we recently discovered his immense love for banana... he can finish almost a whole banana by himself and will crawl across the room with his mouth open if he sees you holding a banana.

He says "dada" all the time (still not sure if he knows what he's saying... I'm gonna vote no on this one...) and he loves to give high-fives and clap. He sleeps 12 hours every night... straight through... we have been super fortunate that he absolutely loves sleep and his own crib and he has developed some wonderful sleep habits.

He has exactly 2 teeth and 2 more on the way. He absolutely loves daycare and our dog (Bo Maley) and bouncy balls. At his 9-month checkup, he was measuring in the 98th percentile for height, the 95th percentile for weight, and the 86th percentile for head circumference... so he is a big boy all around.

Mr. Maley:

Duder & Daddy doing high-fives

Mitch is still commuting into DC every day. He was furloughed during the shutdown but thankfully he's back at it. We aren't sure what lies ahead when the continuing resolution expires... but we are praying the government can keep everyone working and paid while they figure out their differences.

Mitch is on a mission to keep his back healthy... weekly chiropractor visits, daily stretches/exercises, daily sessions on the inversion table, and monthly maintenance visits with multiple doctors to try and stay ahead of any potential severe issues.

Mitch is a wonderful dad. He is Calvin's favorite person. They play and talk and squirm and laugh together and my heart explodes with joy to see them together.

MamaBear (That's me):

#NoFilter #MorningMode #StealingSmooches

I still freaking love being a mom. It's literally the best. Ever.

I started juicing celery juice every morning after following the Medical Medium Anthony Williams. I am in the middle of reading Thyroid Healing and my mind is pretty much blown. I know, I know, there are a handful of folks who are going to give me a hardcore eyeroll for this one... but I have this fear that all of his knowledge could be real and that I could be missing out! It's like his book is speaking to me directly!

What else... I started our taxes the other day... and it looks like we owe a bunch of money to the IRS. Again. The tax reform situation might be great for a whole lot of people... but it was REALLY not great for us. So that really stinks.

My home office is officially in the basement (it used to be in the nursery) and I haven't gotten a great filming setup figured out yet for my YouTube videos... but I have a million ideas for videos so I'm like chomping at the bit to get this figured out. The basement is dark (absent of natural light) and echoes with the tile floor. So my options are basically to take my vlog camera to a better lit room in the house and just operate on the fly until I can get the equipment I need to make my basement a more suitable filming set up, or to actually buy the equipment I need (2 softboxes/stands/lights and a microphone). I would prefer to purchase the equipment, but there is a possibility my brother is going to be moving in with us for a while and would need the basement bedroom, and my office will then likely have to move. Because our house is small, we'd most likely need to construct a wall in the basement so that I can maintain an office space in the basement while still allowing my brother to have adequate privacy and personal space. So it would appear in the time being that I'll be taking my vlog camera to other rooms in the house.

We have been house-shopping a little bit (not like seriously just online...) and we talk a lot about moving to someplace with more space/better-configured space. We have put so much time/energy/money into our current house to make it perfect for us that the idea of starting all over someplace else is pretty overwhelming. We know we'll need to move in the future... but for now we'll probably just stay put.

I work from home full-time (save for maybe 1-2 days a week/every other week when I go to the office for meetings) and it's wonderful. When I do drive to the office, I have a "reverse commute" and it takes me maybe 15-20 minutes to get to work. I enjoy my job and the people. Like all jobs, it has its moments, but I love the freedom and flexibility to work from home and to work at my own pace. To be really honest, I'm not sure how I could manage holding a full-time job and keeping the house together. In addition to keeping the house clean and running, I prepare nearly everything my family eats from scratch or close to it. Calvin's meals are nearly all homemade and I take a lot of pride in preparing whole foods for my family to eat. (Definitely not mom-shaming anyone else who struggles to do that... however your babies are nourished is such a personal decision and there are things far more important than home-cooked meals.)

I'm still eating a primarily whole food, plant-based (WFPB) diet and loving it. (Note: I am not vegan. There are still animal products in use in my life and in my cooking, to some extent.) I made a solid switch away from half & half in my coffee recently and am using only non-dairy milks (almond, coconut, etc.) and I am super proud of this accomplishment. I know it's just one tiny step but every step counts. I have also been super consistent with my daily smoothies and I really feel like my body is loving the abundance of plants.

Here is the smoothie recipe I use:

1 banana

2 kiwis

1 chunk of ginger (as big as you can handle)

A big handful of baby spinach

A big splash of lemon juice

Plenty of filtered water

1 teaspoon amla powder

1 teaspoon spirulina powder

I try to buy organic produce when I can (it's not always available) and this recipe is more or less a "guide" (some days there's only 1 kiwi, sometimes I run out of ginger, etc.) but the flavor is great and the banana and kiwi offer enough sweetness to mask the spinach and the amla and spirulina. I blend all the produce/liquid in my Ninja single-serve and I mix the powders with some filtered water in a jar, and then add the blended smoothie to my mason jar and shake everything up together to combine. Usually, I continue to add water to the mixture until it fills the jar to the top (I use the same 30 oz. jar every day). I replace the lid on the jar and shake everything up to combine. Honestly, you could use way less water in the whole concoction but I like to drink my smoothie fast through a straw so I prefer a thinner consistency. It's really not a science. You just have to tweak it until it works for you. I don't feel like this is an indulgence (some smoothies are very indulgent and enjoyable), instead I feel like this is more of a medicinal smoothie. Kiwis are packed with Vitamin C and amla is the most antioxidant-dense food (besides clove) that you can consume. And spirulina, of course, is literally the most nutritionally-dense food of all time. And once again, according to the Medical Medium, Spirulina is crucial for healing chronic illness and thyroid disorders.

Here in Northern Virginia, we have been experience an extreme range of weather. Today, it's 33 degrees and sleeting/raining.... last week it was in the 70's... the week before that it was in the single digits. So of course my sinuses are super confused. Over the weekend we had a furnace humidifier installed. Prior to that, we were running a whole-house humidifier and it was HUGE saving grace with regard to my sinuses and my skin in this dry winter weather. It was also a HUGE pain in the arse to refill the huge water jugs every single day. So I'm really anxious to see how the furnace humidifier performs compared to the whole-house humidifier unit.

I'm going to try hard keep posting updates moving forward. I actually filmed a few vlog-style updates over the past few weeks but I decided I didn't like the format and didn't want to post them. I'm working to get better at keeping folks in the loop. Bare with me!

Until next time, be well, friends!


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