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SHOPPING BAN: Heading into Month 2

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Okay so we are a month in! Only 5 months to go! Lol

Based on the observations I posted in our one month update, we are making some tweaks to help us stay the course a little easier. Here they are:

1. Cutting up the credit cards. I know we should have done this sooner. It's really difficult to commit to this when you have an infant. Before our little babe was born, we used debit for most everything and planned our purchases to coincide with our budget. Fast forward to having a tiny human, and I simply cannot be bothered to log in and balance my check register everyday. It's going to take some work, but now that I'm back at work and the little one is going to daycare, I should have the wherewithall to be able to balance our check register daily and keep up with our account balances.

2. Disassociating credit cards from merchants. Obviously. Because it's not enough to cut them up. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I have my credit card numbers memorized so this is still going to take an exercise in willpower to not use them.

3. Doing a once-weekly grocery order delivered to our house. We already pay for this service so we might as well use it... plus it keeps me out of the grocery store which keeps me out of the junk aisles and helps avoid impulse purchases like cookies and snacks that we obviously don't need in the house.

4. Coordinating Amazon purchases. It is unrealistic for us to stop using Amazon due to us being busy, working parents. We have come to rely on the convenience of delivery of essentials (which means I will never NOT be tempted by all the wonderful things there are to offer on Amazon) but we can coordinate our purchases and change how we use Amazon. I think the best thing for us to do is to place things in our shopping cart and let them sit for at least 24 hours to stew on any potential purchases and to afford us both the time to consult with the other before making any impulse purchase decisions. We can also coordinate timing of purchases to do a once-weekly haul for necessary items like diapers, toiletries, groceries, etc. This will ensure we are budgeting for the purchase (aka not using credit) and we are reviewing the purchase to make sure we are only buying what is needed.

5. Unsubscribe from retail/merchant emails.

6. Remove shopping apps from phones.

7. Stop browsing. Stop going into stores I love to look around. Stop visiting websites I love to browse what's new. Find another constructive habit. Maybe when I feel the urge to shop, I should do push-ups instead?

Okay full speed ahead into month 2 of our shopping ban! We are armed with knowledge and the desire to achieve! Wish us luck!

Until next time, be well, friends!


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