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So... I'm starting to pinpoint a few of my areas where I'm having trouble holding back (cough... Amazon... cough).

This week, I purchase a Joovy Spoon Walker for baby, as promised... but I also (again) put a bunch of stuff into my Amazon shopping cart. Here's what ended up at my house (in less than 2 days... with free shipping. Because #PrimeDuh):

Joovy Spoon Walker ($80) My little babe might actually be too little for this now that I actually own it. He can't fully sit upright on his own yet and he just kind of slumps over the side of this... but soon.

Magnetic screen door ($20) I just HAD to have this so we could have the backdoor open while we cook without letting bugs into the house. Unfortunately, this item is still sitting in the living room in its package. So clearly it could have waited.

Milk Frother ($9) (Again... for these matcha lattes that I'm sure I'm going to enjoy once I try.)

Rug for the front door ($20) Because my dog had a MAJOR accident (#3) on the other rug.

Work pants from Old Navy ($35) Mitch needed some new khakis to replace his current pair. I don't really question this because he has a tried and true #workuniform that he wears every single day and when it's time to replace an item, he replaces it. Because a daily uniform cuts down so dramatically on the amount of clothes we own (and the amount of decisions we make daily), replacement of these items is no big deal.

Golf Shoes ($90) These were kind of a bullshit purchase. My husband (lovehimsomuch) put my golf shoes (allegedly) into the storage shed behind our townhouse and mysteriously lost the key to the shed. So for his birthday we had planned to go golfing and for the life of us could not locate my golf shoes. I would have played in regular tennis shoes, but the grass was very wet and slippery from a week's worth of rain and we both decided I needed real golf shoes. So I grudgingly paid the pro shop at a local course $90 for a pair of golf shoes that retails for $60 online. (#guh) But alas, convenience has a price. And it's $90.

As we wrap up the first month of the shopping ban, I have some blatant observations:

1. I need to disassociate my credit card from my Amazon account. I seem to purchase without hesitation or easily justify things I think I "need" from Amazon. Some of these are actual needs. I purchase diapers, groceries, toiletries, etc. from Amazon that all fall well within the approved list... but I very easily pull the trigger on things I don't need... or don't need yet.

2. I need to avoid the junk aisle at the grocery store. I'm a sucker for junk aisles. Aldi's and Lidl both have junk aisles that I LOVE to wander through. Just the other day, I went into the grocery store for 2 items... and what should have been a 5 minute trip into the store turned into a 10-minute trip because I JUST HAD TO wander down the junk aisle. I even picked up 2 things and carried them around with me (metal skewers for shishkabobs and a 2-piece jersey nightie set, if you must know...) but FORTUNATELY had the wisdom to put them both back before I went to the checkout. The trouble is that these aisles aren't filled with aspirational items that I THINK I MIGHT have a use for... they are filled with very practical items that we all use every day like dish towels and shower curtain liners and hair brushes and socks. It's much easier to dupe myself into practical items than aspirational items. I need to just stay the heck outta the junk aisles.

3. Speaking of aspirational... this is also a problem. My "aspirational self" can envision me wearing fancy dresses and drinking wine with friends on a summer evening at a beautiful restaurant that overlooks the water... and we all have beautiful shoes and pretty jewelry in this vision. So obviously I need all these items, right? Reality check: the real me is barefoot in my kitchen with a baby at my hip on a summer evening... still in my work clothes (or yoga pants, let's be real) with maybe a Bud Light or a cheap glass of wine (I mean this in a good way. #Costco) while the huzz and I argue over what to fix for dinner (jk we don't argue. LOLz). So... do I need the pretty dress or the fancy shoes or the matching jewelry? Of course I don't. The aspirational me, on the rare occasion we can get to dinner, can wear what she already owns. Or more realistically, my work clothes.

4. Update on the beard/mustache trimmer from Week 2: This was a waste of $10. Literally. It was garbage. I was able to use it to trim my dog so technically I did save like $70, but it took WAY LONGER than I would have liked and it did not work whatsoever with the guard on it. I literally had to trim her without a guard using a comb or my fingers as a guard. I should have researched and spent a little more money and ordered a better one. In theory, this is still a good idea... it was just a junky product.

5. Lidl sells junky junk products, in general. Besides the beard/mustache trimmer, I also just threw out a clock I paid $15 for that kept getting stuck on 10 o'clock. Also there was a kitchen bowl that literally PEELED once it came through the dishwasher. Gross. Note to self (again): stay out of those goddamn junk aisles.

6. Unless I have identified an actual need for an object, I should not be purchasing. The best way I can think of to do this is to STOP SHOPPING. Stop wandering around junk aisles and big box stores and perusing websites and opening emails from stores I like... so simple, yet so complicated in practice. UGH!

7. I don't need the Ninja blender. I previously thought I needed the Ninja blender so I could "meal prep" my smoothies for the week. So I tried to accomplish this with my handheld immersion blender to see a week's worth of smoothies would even keep in the fridge.. and guess what! IT WORKED FINE WITH THE IMMERSION BLENDER. I literally don't need to add another kitchen gadget to accomplish this. Why did I not think of this before?

8. I mentioned to my mom that my baby boy was about to outgrow all the baby clothes we had inherited/been gifted up to this point, and being a grandmother who had previously not been allowed to shop for baby objects, SWOOPED IN AT THE OPPORTUNITY to purchase baby clothes for my son and graciously provided us with no less than 12 outfits she found at Sam's Club for a total of $15. BOOM.

On the horizon, I have five (yes, five) weddings coming up from August-November and I currently don't own a dress that can be worn to any of these. I used to own a little black dress for these occasions but I decided it was a little less modest than I was comfortable being these days, so I decluttered it. So I need to find a dress which is suitable for all of these occasions. One that is formal enough yet comfortable, and that will work in the heat of an August wedding as well as cool fall-evening-at-the-beach temperatures. I have also recently decided that I enjoy the color red... which is INSANE because I have always hated the color red... but I'm telling you... having a baby changes your brain in weird ways. So long story short, I'd like to find a red dress that fits all these requirements. I must carefully scour the interwebs for the perfect dress. Oh and also (obviously) it needs to be classic and modest enough to be re-worn for any future events.

Okay that's all for me this week! Until next time... be well, friends!


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