• Megan Maley

#ShoppingBan Rules

Photo by Andrej Lišakov on Unsplash

1. How long?

  • 30 days to start

  • After 30 days, re-evaluate rules. Reset.

  • Then, 6 months (through the end of 2018)

2. Things I'm allowed to shop for:

  • Groceries, medicine, pump supplies

  • Toiletries/Personal Care items (shampoo, toilet paper, etc.)

  • Cosmetics and Skincare (ONLY in the event I run out of something and have used up all alternatives)

  • Household cleaning supplies (ONLY when item has run out. No duplicates)

  • Items on Approved Shopping List

  • Items for the baby on an AS NEEDED basis

3. Things I'm NOT allowed to shop for:

  • Clothing/Shoes/Accessories (exception: see Approved Shopping List)

  • Frivolous/duplicate skincare and/or cosmetics

  • Physical media (magazines, books, etc.)

  • Furniture/Decor/Household Items which are non-essential

  • Devices, Electronics, Gadgets, Appliances

  • Tangible gifts for others

4. Pre-Approved List:

  • Approved Clothing: undergarments as needed (i.e. worn out or no longer fits)

  • Clothing items as needed (i.e. lose/gain more than 15 lbs. and nothing fits)

  • Baby gates/Safety items for when baby starts moving

  • Any health/safety thing that comes up

  • "Walker" for baby once he can sit up

  • Intangible gifts

Credit to Cait Flanders for format of rules!

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