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The Shopping Ban.

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So we are revisiting this shopping ban business. I am recently re-inspired by the idea after visiting Cait Flander's website. (I read her book The Year of Less not too long ago and it's awesome.) (Also, if you are on GoodReads... find me here.) I am, in truth, only partially motivated to implement a shopping ban. Like most red-blooded Americans, I love me some stuff. I love perusing beautiful things in stores and I love skincare and makeup and the junk aisle at Aldi's (and Lidl) and I love wandering around Target with a grande whatever and filling my big red cart with objects. Even though I am a self-proclaimed "minimalist" I am certainly not immune to the allure of shiny things. It is, in fact, because of the this fact that I find myself gravitating towards the NEED for a shopping ban. I feel sort of like I felt when I gave up facebook and instagram... like I was dependent on these things for entertainment and to fill some kind of void when I was bored.... and I resented that fact. There's no way I'm at a loss of hobbies without shopping.

Or is there?

I'm not a huge shopper. In fact, I mostly dislike malls and crowds. But #realtalk... I'm a millennial. Most of my shopping is online, anyhow. (And I do have a special place in my heart for Home Goods.)

I feel like a shopping ban is something I need to do to simply prove to myself I can do it. And of course I'll be dragging my stuff-loving husband along for the ride. Because marriage. But in all honesty... I really question whether or not I can handle this. I love skincare. I mean I LOVE skincare. I probably slather a dozen different things on my face every day. And some days it's a different dozen than other days. Most of us have products in our cabinet we never use... not me. I use all the things. I carefully research each and every product and think long and hard about whether or not I need it... but I still buy all the skincare things. Makeup is a similar situation... although nowhere near as bad as it used to be. I stay out of the drug stores for both skincare and makeup and I really make sure to buy products that are high quality, non-toxic (as much as possible) and ethical. But that literally hasn't stopped me from being a loyal #VIBRouge member at Sephora.

It's crazy because I love to do lots of things. I love to bathe in the forest, lay by the pool, watch YouTube (which probably contributes to the spending more than distracts from it), sit out back with my family and enjoy a glass of wine, cook with my husband... I have hobbies. So why is the allure of shiny new things so pervasive in my life?

Becuase I am #WeakSauce. (P.S. I am feeling super hash-taggy today. Obvs.)

So, inspired by Cait (and a bunch of YouTubers) today I am outlining my shopping ban rules. Of course I have to run these by the huzz since he's getting volunteered (voluntold) to participate along with me.

Here are the rules.

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