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Week 2 Shopping Ban Progress

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Week 2 in a nutshell: FAIL. I'm seriously starting to doubt whether this was the right timing for us to try a shopping ban. It IS all about changing habits, though, and I can honestly say that I have second-guessed (and subsequently abstained from) several purchases this week.

On the plus side, here are things I have looked at but haven't bought:

-ANYTHING from Amazon Prime Day. I looked at so many things. I wanted a jewelry box and a roll-up drain board for the kitchen, and a Ring video doorbell. I didn't pull the trigger on the jewelry box or the drain board because they were totally impulse. (As in, I had never even seen them before until Amazon suggested them to me. And I had never even thought about them being a "need" prior to that point.) The Ring video doorbell, on the other hand, I have been looking at for quite a while. It's still definitely on my list of wants but I'm probably just going to tag it on Shoptagr and see what happens to the price over the next few months. I feel like there's a part of me who thinks the doorbell will add something to my peace of mind from a safety perspective. Like, I'll be able to screen visitors via my phone instead of going to the door. But honestly I could just look out the window and accomplish the same thing. #idk

-Lip liner, perfume, CC cream & concealer from Sephora. Realistically I need none of these items. But Sephora sent me a sample of Marc Jacob's Decadence perfume in my last order and I freaking love it. I can't stop thinking about how good it smells. I also have got myself talked into some lip liner and the Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat glow cream and concealer. Why? I have no idea. Because #YouTube.

-Gold bracelet and/or earrings from Vrai & Oro. I have recently begun loving very simple, dainty gold jewelry. In a true #TreatYoSelf fashion, I have decided that I should be wearing expensive (aka real) jewelry on a daily basis. Because I'm an adult and stuff. Specifically, I have had my eye on a gold bracelet with a "C" initial for my son's name. So freaking precious. And of course I am endlessly scouting diamond studs. Because #Goals.

-Fabletics workout attire. Again, because, #YouTube and #Fitspo. I literally don't even workout. But maybe if I had some beautiful workout attire I would be inspired to work out more (read: AT ALL)? I mean, workouts aside, I basically live in yoga pants. So I can basically justify buying yoga pants with very little effort.

Bonus: Things we are allowed to buy but didn't this week!

-We literally did not eat out this week. It wasn't even intentional. We just cooked meals at home all week. We even used our new Instant Pot and it was as amazing as we'd hoped it would be. Honestly, having an infant is probably the biggest contributing factor to this... it's kind of a gamble taking a tiny human into a restaurant. But whatevs. Still a win.

-Nobody got Starbucks this week. Amazingly. I recently gave up dairy in my morning coffee and I'm very particular about the non-dairy creamer/milk I put in my coffee... so I've just been making it at home every day. The husband did purchase a few non-homemade coffees at/around the office, but I can't fault him for needing caffeine at an inconvenient time. He did choose sub-$2 javas, however, instead of the $3 SbUx option.

On the down side,I did purchase the following items:

-Nail Polish, file, sunscreen, makeup sponge from Ulta ($61) So, nail polish and nail file are very simple for me to justify: I am NOT spending money on manicures and pedicures these days. So my $11 nail polish and my $5 nail file technically save me boatloads of money. Also, my infant's nails are very sharp and my breast/chest area seems to take the brunt of the impact from his attempts at learning to control his hands. I cut his nails while he is sleeping with little teeny tiny baby nail clippers but LET'S BE HONEST they are still SHARP AF. Sunscreen I don't have to spend a lot of time justifying. I spent real money on an organic, zinc-oxide sunscreen that is nontoxic because I think it's worth it. For the same reason I buy nontoxic stuff for my kid and nontoxic skincare for my face. I have this general rule that if I wouldn't be comfortable eating it, I shouldn't slather it on my skin. And a makeup sponge because...hygiene. Those things have to be replaced every so often. I didn't splurge on the beauty blender, though; I got myself an ecotools sponge which was much more affordable.

- 3 men's t-shirts, 2 tank tops, 1 pair of athletic shorts from Old Navy ($72) This is gonna be tough to explain. I went into Old Navy (not needing ANYTHING AT ALL) but intending to look at men's t-shirts because I am constantly stealing my husband's t-shirts because they are more forgiving and baggy and just more comfortable in general. I did end up buying 3 men's t-shirts which were all on clearance, but I bought them in a size small... so they are no baggier or more forgiving than any other t-shirt I own and hence, not what I went into Old Navy after. The additional 2 tank tops and athletic shorts were simply impulse purchases because they were on sale. Yeah, I know. #FAIL.

- Beard/mustache trimmer from Lidl ($10) So... long story short but my dog's groomer has limited/shortened summer hours and it's really hard to get her into the groomer in the summer months unless you plan WAY in advance. As a result, her fur gets a bit longer than usual and without going into too much detail.... dingleberries. So I find myself giving her a bath approximately 1-2 times a week to remove said "berries". I might as well start trimming up her hiney hole so she can poop without abandon. (And also because once recently she jumped up on our bed (where I was napping with my infant son) with some fresh dingledizzle on her bootay and it was #notgoals).

-Fridababy Nose Frida Nasal Aspirator from Amazon ($20) I ordered this on same-day delivery with some extra filters because little d00der has been having some serious congestion lately. Although I recently read that babies can eat and breathe at the same time due to some very intelligently-designed larnyx configurations, it is still incredibly painful to watch my little man try to breastfeed and choke on mucus/try to breathe. So my #mombrain decided this was an urgent need. Side note: this is a legit snot-sucker but it's truly amazing.

-Apple Watch band from Amazon ($17) There was really no reason for this. I just wanted a new watch band.

-Wide-brimmed, roll-up beach hat from Amazon ($10) I needed a sun hat that I could roll up and throw into my purse/bag. I have a big, wide-brimmed sun hat that I got last year from Costco which is fantastic for boating but for all other purposes I never have it when I need it because it's just too big and doesn't go into a bag easily without getting crushed. So, you know, I need to keep my anti-aging routine mobile and handy. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

My husband bought:

-Shoes for work from DSW ($68) The huzz literally wears the same pair of shoes to work every single day. It's part of his unofficial work uniform. He works on his feet a ton and his shoes wear down quickly, leading to back problems. He has a long-standing tradition of re-purchasing the exact same pair of shoes once annually and throwing the old ones into the trash. I don't question it.

-Golf something or other apparel from PeterMillar.com ($43) I have no idea what this is and just saw it on the credit card statement.

-Something from Tactics.com? ($21) Again. No idea. Board shorts?

-Something from Billabong.com? ($32) Uh... more board shorts? I have no idea what he's buying. Sneaky son of a gun.

-Reusable chopsticks from Amazon ($10) My hubs is one of those rare individuals that is physically incapable of eating chinese food or ramen noodles with a fork. He HAS TO HAVE chopsticks. So now we are the proud owners of a box of reusable chopsticks. I would undoubtedly qualify this purchase as "junk" straight out the gate, but he's a weirdo and I'm more or less used to it. (#PickYourBattles)

-Apple watch band from Amazon ($8) He copied me. Or I copied him. You'll never know.

Things I'm planning on buying soon-ish:

-Joovy Spoon walker from Amazon ($80) This is on the approved shopping list. We have been kicking around pulling the trigger on this since our little man can sit up with assistance and seems to be hell-bent on being part of all the household-goings-on.

-Retractable baby gates from Amazon ($135 x 2) These aren't a necessity yet. But I'm pretty notorious for buying things in advance since it takes the huzz many months to get around to installing things for me. (I kid! I kid! :-D)

-Baby clothes ($TBD) Our little babe is coming up on 17lbs. He just turned 3 months old this week and he is already starting to outgrow a big portion of his 6-9 month clothes. I'd say we have a couple of weeks max until nothing fits him. I'm not sure at this point if I'll seek out second-hand clothes (his entire wardrobe up to this point has been second-hand or gifted. I have barely purchased any baby clothes) or if I'll bite the bullet and order/purchase new clothes. I'd obviously prefer second-hand clothing because it's the more responsible, sustainable, and planet-friendly thing to do (and obvi cheaper) but I haven't been able to find any second-hand baby clothes stores that are near me. I'll probably hit up a Salvation Army or Goodwill and look for a few things.. but sadly... it takes time to source decent second-hand items.

- A Ninja blender ($100-ish) I go back and forth on this. I have been eyeballing Ninja Blenders for a long time. I drink a smoothie every single morning and have done this for close to a year (save for a few months during pregnancy when I was queasy all the time). I blend up a host of fruits and veggies and in my opinion, this practice has been the single biggest factor in curing my chronic digestive (ahem... constipation) issues. I don't mind my smoothies being a little "chewy" and I currently use a handheld immersion blender to prepare each smoothie daily. Now, however, with an infant, I am habitually late in the mornings and often contemplate blending up a week's worth of smoothies in a single event and just portioning them into daily jars to help streamline my mornings. We already meal prep all of our lunches for the work week (which has been an amazingly helpful tactic in keeping our health in check and our budgets in line) so a blender would complement that practice.

Does anyone else mull over purchases like this? Do you have helpful tactics you use to make purchase decisions? Please share!

Okay that's it for me this week! Stay tuned for more shopping ban updates next week!

Be well, friends!


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